World’s cleanest and dirtiest cities

Pollution and clean air is a topic that becomes more and more important. The air we breathe is essential to our body as it needs enough supply of oxygen to maintain the healthiness of the organs and the systems of the body. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that air pollution is a far greater risk in the context of global health than either HIV or Ebola.

Therefore we figured out a list of the top ten cities with the cleanest air in the world so you know where to go for a clean city break and also the ten most polluted cities which struggle but try to solve their problems.

Top Cleanest Cities

Stockholm, sweden

Stockholm is the cultural, economic, media and political hub of the country and it has the most extensive public transport in the world. Stockholm also has the largest percentage of clean vehicles in Europe and it has imposed a congestion charge on cars in its central area and promoted cycling. The Swedish capital had continued to forge ahead with green initiatives and had successfully slashed carbon emission by 25 per cent since the Nineties.

Wellington, New Zealand

As the capital and one of the largest cities of New Zealand, Wellington has a reputation of being a clean and tidy city. More than a third of local people use public transport instead of cars and Wellingtons relatively low population and coastal location were also factors in its ranking, as was the fact it is the capital of a country renowned for its dramatic scenery, outdoorsy lifestyle and fresh air.

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